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NorCal Driving

All driving students are required to have a valid California Permit. 

One driving lesson must be completed with an instructor and permit signed by an instructor to legally drive.

California requires 6 instructor hours for minors.

Lessons should be spread out as much as possible to allow progression between lessons. 

Please see packages below. Lessons are offered 7 days a week. All cancellations must be before 24hrs to avoid a cancellation fee. NorCal has a no refund policy, lessons are transferable to another student when requested.

 Scheduling made easy just call (916) 721-4001.

FREE - Student driver magnets for all NorCal students with a purchase of any driver package! 

Affordable Packages and Lessons

$ 60   - Refresher Lesson

            1 hour drive lesson 

$115 - Pay as You Go    

            2 hour drive lesson

$150 - Drive Test Package  

            1 hour lesson and use of the driving school car for DMV test

            (This can only be purchased with a 2+hours package)

$305 - 6 Hour (Required) Driver Training                                                      ***Winter Special***

           (3) 2 hour drive lessons 

$480 - NorCal's Most Popular Safe Driver 10 Hour Driver Training.      ***Winter Special***

            (5) 2 hour drive lessons 

            *****This package is customizable*****

$950 - NorCal Advanced Driver 20 Hour Driver Training

            (10) 2 hour drive lessons 

            *****This package is customizable*****

***Additional lessons can be added to any package at $100 per 2 hours.

  • Overview of vehicle controls 
  • Demonstrate S.M.O.G. (Signal, Mirror, Over the Shoulder, Go only if safe) for turns and lane changes
  • Practice start and stopping smoothly at stop signs (traffic check)
  • Practice turns using hand-over-hand steering, three-point turns
  • Pulling in and out of curb (curb distance), straight line backing
  • Defensive driving (checking blind spots, right of way, scanning road ahead for hazards)
  • Lane changes in light traffic (traffic check)
  • Maintain good lane position
  • Maintain 3-5 second following distance
  • Merging into bike lane using S.M.O.G.
  • Review driving lesson with student and parent for practice pointers and areas of improvement
  • Practice changing lanes
  • Defensive driving in heavier traffic (if student’s driving skills have advanced)
  • Parking (angle/perpendicular)
  • Signals (approach on “stale” green; yellow (point-of-no-return)
  • Right of way (two-way stops, four-way stops, “T” intersections, blind intersections)
  • Freeway driving (review rules of freeway including lane changes, entering/exiting, carpool lane use)
  • Work with student on driving skills that need improvement
  • Drive test preparation – Traffic checks, backing, signaling, basic speed laws, and smooth starts/stops
  • Perform practice test in preparation of drive test
  • Practice lane changes, turns, merging into bike lane, S.M.O.G., scanning road ahead for hazards
  • Emphasis scanning field of view and rights-of-way
  • Emphasize knowledge of the rules of the road
  • Review student’s overall driving performance

At NorCal we strive to put our students in the best possible position. Our instructors are organized, understanding, positive, and most importantly, patient when it comes to teaching student drivers. Our staff is here to provide excellent customer service.

Thank you for choosing NorCal Driving School. We look forward to seeing you on the road soon!