NorCal Driving School - Driving Lessons

All driving lessons require a valid California Permit.
Lessons are for all ages.
California requires 6 instructor hours for minors.

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Affordable Payment Plans and Packages

  • Free pick up/drop off from home
  • Important - schedule and complete all drive lessons prior to booking a drive test appointment with DMV

We service the following areas:
Antelope, North Highlands, Foothill Farms, Elverta, Rio Linda, Natomas, Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay, Carmichael, Arden, Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks

2 Hour Drive Lesson (Pay As You Go) - $179.99
6 Hour (3 Two Hour Drive Lessons) - $489.99
6 Hour (3 Two Hour Drive Lessons) + 1 Hour + Drive Test - $729.99
10 Hour (5 Two Hour Drive Lessons) + 1 Hour + Drive Test- $1,055.99

Road Test
  • Overview of vehicle controls
  • Demonstrate S.M.O.G. (Signal, Mirror, Over the Shoulder, Go only if safe) for turns and lane changes
  • Practice start and stopping smoothly at stop signs (traffic check)
  • Practice turns using hand-over-hand steering, three-point turns
  • Pulling in and out of curb (curb distance), straight line backing
  • Defensive driving (checking blind spots, right of way, scanning road ahead for hazards)
  • Lane changes in light traffic (traffic check)
  • Lane positioning
  • Maintain 3-5 second following distance
  • Merging into bike lane using S.M.O.G.
  • Review driving lesson with student and parent for practice pointers and areas of improvement
  • Practice changing lanes
  • Defensive driving in heavier traffic (if student's driving skills have advanced)
  • Parking (angle/perpendicular)
  • Signals (approach on "stale" green; yellow (point-of-no-return)
  • Right of way (two-way stops, four-way stops, "T" intersections, blind intersections)
  • Freeway driving (review rules of freeway including lane changes, entering/exiting, carpool lane use)
  • Work with student on driving skills that need improvement
  • Drive test preparation – Traffic checks, backing, signaling, basic speed laws, and smooth starts/stops
  • Perform practice test in preparation of drive test
  • Practice lane changes, turns, merging into bike lane, S.M.O.G., scanning road ahead for hazards
  • Emphasis scanning field of view and rights-of-way
  • Emphasize knowledge of the rules of the road
  • Review student's overall driving performance
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